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January 2006

Raph’s Website » Audition

by bcpbcp
As with many of the Asian games, there’s a nominally massively multiplayer lobby, which you enter minimally multiplayer games from. You play the game in order to earn virtual cash, plus you buy a different sort of virtual cash. You can then buy further accessories for your character (clothes, character customization, etc) and new stuff to play (in this case, songs) with that money.

Raph Koster's Home Page | Moore's Wall: Technology Advances and Online Game Design

by bcpbcp
This talk was given as part of an IBM Games on Demand webcast conference. “We should remember that 90% of the online game players out there are playing a game that was not developed by a professional: they’re playing CounterStrike, which was user-created.”

November 2005

Online Worlds: The Forms of Things Unknown |Raph Koster's Home Page

by bcpbcp
"I gave this talk at one of the monthly IGDA chapter meetings in San Diego"

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