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February 2006

Raph Koster's Home Page | Making the AAA Title: Letters from the Trenches

by bcpbcp
Dan Arey gave a talk at GDC 2005 on developing AAA games, and interviewed several designers for it. The actual interview was quite long, and I skipped many of the questions... but here's the answers to the ones that I did respond to. You can comment here on the blog if you like.

November 2005

Online Worlds: The Forms of Things Unknown |Raph Koster's Home Page

by bcpbcp
"I gave this talk at one of the monthly IGDA chapter meetings in San Diego"

Game Design Challenges | Collateral Romance

by bcpbcp
"Eric Zimmerman has run "Game Design Challenges" at several GDC's now. At each, he picks a difficult topic to design a game about, and then lets loose three designers to come up with a game based on the topic. I participated in the inaugural one in 2004, losing to Will Wright's "Collateral Romance" idea, which involved setting non-combatants down inside a first person shooter, with the task of making it to the other side a la Casablanca, and hoping that they would form attachments along the way. Warren Spector didn't come up with a game idea, and I presented what's below."

Raph’s Website » Blue world

by bcpbcp (via)
"Once upon a time there was a world where half of the population couldn’t see the color blue."

Raph’s Website » The Wisdom of Crowds

by bcpbcp
In those other cases, it’s the presence of a wide array of specialists that generally makes the difference. In Surowiecki’s world, it’s the presence of a wide array of people, period, that allows startlingly accurate assessments to come forth.

Raph’s Website » How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days

by bcpbcp
Pontos em comum entre Experimental GamePlay e ToF. Também comenta sobre algumas ferramentas de prototipação.

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