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August 2011

Kohsuke Kawaguchi » My epic battle with findbugs-maven-plugin and how I utterly lost

by night.kame

And Stephen, this is why Ant fragment is actually more maintainable than the magical combination of Maven hacks.

La magie, ça n'est jamais maintenable ; sauf à avoir en permanence des magiciens à travailler dessus.

Chinese retailers hijack the Ikea experience

by alamat (via)
KUNMING, China (Reuters) – Nestled in a sleepy southern district of Kunming city in southwest China, is a 10,000 square meter, four-story building that could make Swedish furniture giant Ikea uneasy.

July 2011

Bruce Lawson’s personal site : HTML5: notes for analysts and journalists

by night.kame

If you define an “HTML5 browser” as one that supports all features of HTML5 then there are precisely zero in existence. (You’d need to define “HTML5″, of course, but that’s another story.)


The truth is that browser manufacturers are driving it collaboratively because if browsers don’t render HTML interopably, developers will use some proprietary technology instead.

La vérité c'est que les développeurs visent Apple Webkit aka "néo IE6" (utilisé dans Apple Safari et Google Chrome / Chromium), et essaient d'être compatible avec le reste derrière, avec en compatibilité prioritaire Mozilla Gecko (utilisé dans Mozilla Firefox...). C'est comme ça que est un site Web, alors que est un site Webkit. Ou alors, c'est parce que les développeurs web les plus audibles sont des macqueux, et ils ont oublié au passage ce qu'était l'interopérabilité (One Browser, One OS, One Store).

’500,000 abortions performed in Taiwan last year’

by alamat (via)
Taipei (The China Post/ANN) – Amid the very real concerns of Taiwan’s declining birthrate, advocates for children and youth health Saturday (July 16) pointed out that within the last year, up to 500,000 women underwent abortions.

Family ties earn this Smart Cover knock-off a Samsung certification and a place on their store shelves

by alamat (via)
Apple is suing “the copyist” Samsung because they “imitate the appearance of Apple’s products to capitalize on Apple’s success”. Be that as it may, the similarities between the two tech giant’s gadgets are nothing compared to what other Asian knockoffs are doing for a living. Like Anymode Corp., which is in the business of designing, manufacturing and selling a blatant Smart Cover rip-off, pictured above and below.

Trans-Atlantic Time Trap - The Daily WTF

by night.kame

On most computers, including the developers', the code simply set the system date to the current month, day and year. On the French computers-where dates use the DD/MM/YYYY format-the code swapped the months and the days.

La grande habitude américaine : "on most" signifie en fait "aux USA".

Chinese manufacturers reportedly using Apple-rejected displays for iPad clones

by alamat (via)
Asian industry sources have suggested that second-grade touch panels that don’t pass Apple’s quality standards for the iPad 2 are making their way into Chinese “white-box” iPad clones, according to a new report.

Australian teen charged over ‘egging’ death

by alamat (via)
A 14-year-old Australian boy was charged Monday with manslaughter over the stabbing death of a woman who complained after her house and car were allegedly pelted with eggs.

June 2011

Hostage-Taker Updated Facebook During Armed Standoff

by alamat (via)
While social media has demonstrated its utility in all kinds of unexpected areas, some of the most interesting applications have been discovered by criminals, who use social media to perpetrate elaborate frauds, identify vacation-going burglary subjects, and steal online identities. And it seems like resourceful outlaws are finding new, surprising applications for social media every day. Here’s a good one: social media as a communications platform in armed standoffs.

Mac technician accused of installing spyware to photograph women

by alamat (via)
A 20-year-old computer technician working as a Mac repairman was arrested by police in southern California on Wednesday for allegedly installing spyware on laptops that he fixed, thereby enabling him to gain control of the computer’s webcam and remotely take photos of women in various states of undress.

April 2011

over-under.jpg (JPEG Image, 802x4036 pixels)

by ghis (via)
"Scientific" facts about toilet paper orientation

Image: traduction de "ananas" dans diverses langues

by ghis
Image: traduction de "ananas" dans diverses langues. L'anglais est-il si simple que ça ?

September 2010

by loicbr
Iconographie déviante, 90000 pixels à la fois

August 2010

Steve Jobs Is Watching You: Apple Seeking to Patent Spyware | Electronic Frontier Foundation

by ghis (via)
New patent from Apple to spy on its customers. Very scaring : the device can take a photo of your photo without you knowing and other kinds of creepy things.

June 2010

March 2010

February 2010

Calendar WTF

by ghis
A fact of life : after monday and tuesday...


by ghis & 1 other
JavaScript is a language we love despite it giving us so much to hate. This is a collection of those very special irregularities, inconstancies and just plain painfully unintuitive moments for the language of the web.

October 2009

The WHATWG Blog » Blog Archive » Usability testing HTML5

by night.kame


We first created three different variants based on the original microdata proposal

Google n'embauche que le top 1% des développeurs. Google embauche tous les PhD qu'ils peuvent. Et pourtant, Google nous sort des "études" qui dès la première ligne nous font penser à un sondage Opinion Ways : une problématique exposée foireuse soutenue par des questions biaisée. Google : le JC Decaux d'internet.

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