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10 January 2006 01:00

VeriTouch Spins Off MuViBOXX!®, Introduces First [il]Legal [biometric DRM] P2P Media Center For Immediate Release New York City - 2 December 2005

by digitalmonkey
"MuViBOXX! will feature VeriTouch's patent-pending <b>biometric DRM</b> (Digital <s>Rights</s> Restrictions Management), and allow consumers to download movie and music content from its proprietary global file-sharing network via broadband connection

08 January 2006 23:00

The Blog | James Love: A UN/WIPO Plan to Regulate Distribution of Information on the Internet | The Huffington Post

by digitalmonkey
"They are seeking to claim ownership rights in works they did not create, and which today they do not own. [...] They want to own what they simply transmit. And this will be quite harmful to the Internet".

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