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March 2008

Démolition du 11 septembre

by nhoizey
Une vidéo très troublante tentant de mettre en évidence la possibilité d'une organisation préalable de l'explosion des 3 tours du World Trade Center le 11 septembre 2001. Attention à garder tout de même son esprit critique.

March 2007

What is it about the conspiracy thinkers?

by luclodder & 1 other
What is it about those conspiracy thinkers? Why are they always looking for proof (and twisting it or hiding it or not understanding the scientific explanations). We've seen the "Did we land on the moon?" story from FOX tv. You can find a nice movie which show's the "wrong" thinking here. Another nice webpage at badastronomy written by Phil Plait which shows, with proof, that the claims of FOX tv are just insane.

September 2006

Hit Parade : Les 10 billets les plus lus du mois d'Août 2006.

by dwane007 (via)
# Incroyable!! La Bombe atomique sur Hiroshima! (765) # Lost Season 3 Promo! La vidéo. (734 ) # Les prémices de Lost Saison 3 ! (505 ) # ...du dernier Adrien Brody & Ben Affleck : Hollywoodland (442) # Desperate Housewives Season 3 Promo! (343 ) # ...SUR LOST 3... Spoilers en série sur la saison 3 de Lost ! (268 ) # Toutes des photos truquées !! (218 ) # Index "General " (193) # ... Paris Hilton en intégralité et plein d'autres artistes ! (185 ) # Index Vidéo (183)

May 2006

World Trade Center trailer

by richb
Oliver Stone's movie World Trade Center now has a trailer over at Apple. How will European audiences feel after viewing the film versus US? Will there be a difference in feeling? The question of whether Stone is the right man to make this film seems to have been answered.

Bush 911 Video .com - You will never be the same

by dav2go1 (via)
This website shows Lots of Streaming video proving that the official explanation of 911 is BS. It further explains that Bush/Project for a New American Century are behind it.

April 2006

by Indrid Cold
Great site about the secrets surrounding 9/11 tragedy...

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