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WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP | WSO2 Oxygen Tank

by nhoizey & 2 others
WSO2 WSF/PHP is a complete solution for building and deploying Web services, and is the only PHP extension with the widest range of WS-* specification implementations


Forrester narrows list of specs for Web services

by nhoizey
"The place to really watch, if you're a conservative watcher and you don't want to watch much in the industry about these emerging specifications is WS-I," he said. "It's putting together answers to technical questions that people need answered if they want things to work together for Web services interoperability."


SOAP ou REST, que choisir?

by holyver
Web Services Convention Juin 2004 Comparer ce qui est comparable

Introduction aux Web Services

by holyver & 1 other (via)
Lors de cette présentation, nous essaierons d'améliorer notre compréhension des Web Services, ferons un survol des normes les plus importantes de l'industrie (WSDL, SOAP et UDDI) et regarderons rapidement quels sont les alternatives d'implémentations (styles et REST). La vidéo :

alphaWorks : IBM Generic Web Services Client Tool : Overview

by nhoizey
A generic client written in PHP and capable of secure and non-secure calls for use in testing Web services.

alphaWorks : IBM Generic Web Services Client Tool : Overview

by nhoizey
This tool is designed for testing existing Web services from a LAMP environment. When given a Web Service Definition Language (WSDL) specification, this tool is capable of secure and non-secure calls


by cherbourg & 1 other (via)
Actualités et ressources sur les services web

by sutekidane & 1 other
Actualités et ressources sur les services web


by nhoizey
wsdl2php is a very simple tool for PHP 5 to generate client code against a WSDL-file

The Difference Between RPC and Document Style WSDL

by nhoizey (via)
RPC style and document style are catchphrases frequently heard in the context of web services and the SOAP protocol. What exactly do they mean? How do they relate to the pair of terms "encoded/literal"? Where does the confusion about these terms come from? This article describes the WSDL binding style and use attributes.

Which style of WSDL should I use?

by nhoizey (via)
A Web service is described by a WSDL document. A WSDL binding describes how the service is bound to a messaging protocol, particularly the SOAP messaging protocol. A WSDL SOAP binding can be either an RPC style binding or a document style binding. A SOAP binding can also have an encoded use or a literal use. This gives us four style/use models

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