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Describe REST Web services with WSDL 2.0

by nhoizey
A key component of a Web service is a formal description with Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Until recently there was no formal language to describe REpresentational State Transfer (REST) Web services—now there's WSDL 2.0.


Forrester narrows list of specs for Web services

by nhoizey
"The place to really watch, if you're a conservative watcher and you don't want to watch much in the industry about these emerging specifications is WS-I," he said. "It's putting together answers to technical questions that people need answered if they want things to work together for Web services interoperability."


ActiveGrid un RAD qui respecte les standards

by nhoizey
ActiveGrid est un environnement de réalisation d’applications WEB totalement intégré qui repose entièrement sur les standards XML les plus récents : BPEL, XForms, WSDL, XML Schema, XACML. L’offre d’ActiveGrid est composée d’un builder et d’un server, tout ça dans une architecture LAMP (le P devant se comprendre essentiellement pour Python).


Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit - Saturday, August 06, 2005 Entries

by nhoizey
This plugin is embedded into Eclipse and enables modelling and designing your Web Services interface contract without having to reveal to know all nittry-gritty - and honestly: unnecessary - details of WSDL 1.1. It uses our very successful WSCF, namely the WSDL Wizard component.

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