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InfoQ: WS-I closes its doors. What does this mean for WS-*?

by nhoizey
So the question remains: has interoperability pretty much been achieved for WS-* through WS-I and the improvements made with the way in which the specifications and standards are developed today, or has the real interoperability challenge moved elsewhere, still to be addressed?


The Cover Pages: ISO Publishes Three WS-I Profiles

by nhoizey
The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) today announced that three of its Profiles have been published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

WSO2 Web Services Framework for PHP | WSO2 Oxygen Tank

by nhoizey & 2 others
WSO2 WSF/PHP is a complete solution for building and deploying Web services, and is the only PHP extension with the widest range of WS-* specification implementations


REST vs. WS-*: War is Over (If You Want It) :: David Chappell :: Blog

by nhoizey & 1 other
REST is for data-oriented applications that focus on create/read/update/delete scenarios. Solution based on WS-* for service/method-oriented applications, especially those that need more advanced behaviors such as transactions and more-than-basic security

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