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23 May 2006

A Fruitful Approach To Writing Work | WriteNiche

by rappinhood
When I applied to write tips about leather (I had all kinds of ideas for that one!), I got a nice rejection that said I had to write 10 tips for one of their public service sites instead, kind of like paying my dues (and honing my skills). Off I trotted to the Lifetips site to see what was available. I knew nothing about safaris or Stockholm, so in the end I opted for fruit, a good choice as I'd recently completed a juice fast (without the juice, but that's another story).

12 May 2006

Guru and Elance: Are They Worth It For Writers? | writingUp

by rappinhood
I've been doing some reassessment of the way that I spend my time - and something's gotta give. Last July I signed up with Elance. I very quickly realised that if I wanted to have a shot at any decent jobs, I needed to move up from the basic level. As I had a bit of money in the bank, I decided the risk was worth it. I upgraded (at a cost of about $25 a quarter) to the next level - for which I received the princely (NOT) total of three free leads a month. Anything over that, I would have to pay extra for.

Writers: Do You Pay Yourself What You're Worth? | WriteNiche

by rappinhood
New freelance writers often wonder how to make sure they get paid fairly for their writing. Although writers may work for very little while they are building their profile, writers who don't earn a decent wage will not be able to freelance for long. There are three areas that writers need to cover to decide what their ideal hourly rate should be. Assess Earning Needs

05 May 2006

How To Get Paid To Blog | WriteNiche

by rappinhood
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28 April 2006

How To Pay Yourself Fairly For Writing | writingUp

by rappinhood
New freelance writers often wonder how to charge for their writing. Writers want to make sure that they get paid fairly for the effort they have put in. In the short term, writers may work for very little while they are getting established. But in the long term, writers who don't earn a fair wage will not be able to freelance for long. There are three questions that writers should ask themselves when deciding what hourly rate they should set.

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