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U.S. atrocities in Iraq

by jasontromm
Now that my spring semester’s work has just about been completed, I decided to bring myself up to speed on these American atrocities.


by jasontromm
Today's picture on the front page of the newspaper shows a naked Iraqi prisoner on the floor.

CBS shouldn't have aired inflammatory footage

by jasontromm
They should be ashamed for running those photos.

This war is also about sex

by jasontromm
What is this about? We have come to agree on the obvious answers: religion, ideology, political power and territory.

Those Iraqi prisoner pictures

by jasontromm
If members of America's armed forces violated any rules and mistreated prisoners of war, they should be punished in accordance with accepted military law.

Angels in Iraq

by jasontromm & 1 other
An amazing first-hand account from Marines in Iraq

Fueling the inferno

by jasontromm
Shortly after Spanish voters rewarded the terrorists responsible for the Madrid bombing the thugs are back making threats.

Kofi's Internet

by jasontromm
There was a little-noticed meeting in New York City last week; a meeting on the rarified upper floors of the UN building. Kofi Annan was having a little sit-down with the head of ICANN.

How Long, How Long?

by jasontromm
We went in order to eliminate any capacity to make weapons of mass destruction, and in order to export the blessings of democracy.


by jasontromm
easy web geovisualization



The U.N.-Touchables

by jasontromm
John Bolton has a chance to be the Eliot Ness of Turtle Bay.



by maple


by maple

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