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Fuzzy Opinions

by FreeKill
Excellent site with news on a variety of topics, updated daily.


French Student Protests

by jenbrea
French youth have been up in arms protesting the CPE, a new youth employment law that would make it easier for workers under the age of 26 to be fired by their employers.

Suicide Bombing in Israel: On Blogs, the Media, and Coverage of Violence in Africa

by jenbrea
Why do I list the names of the dead before the usual talk about the geopolitical implications, the responses of shock and outrage from heads of state, the defiant statements by Hamas and Islamic Jihad? Because there are three things about the violence in Israel, or more to the point, media coverage of it, that have been bothering me of late, but especially since I've been reading more and more blogs from the people whose lives are most affected by it...


by Prelude76 & 7 others
America’s Best Political Newspaper. Great articles unaffected by the Corporate Media.

by Prelude76
Canadian news, entertainment, television, newspapers, free email and more

International Disaster Charter

by Prelude76
News and Info on latest world disasters, with many satellite imagery and photo of the disaster.

The Globe & Mail

by Prelude76 & 3 others
Canadian National Newspaper


by Prelude76 & 41 others
Interesting things found on the web. Similar to digg.


by Prelude76 & 70 others
Visual Analysis of all top story headlines across the world

by Prelude76 & 2 others
Canadian News, weather, lotteries, entertainment

Aljazeera.Net in English

by Prelude76 & 13 others
See world news from a different angle

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