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You don't really need those features... yet. - garry's posterous

by greut

I need to remind myself of this sometimes. We are just getting started. There are must-haves and there are nice-to-haves. And the things that are burning in your heart to get into the product may not always fall into must-have.

October 2009

The Duct Tape Programmer - Joel on Software

by brianwaustin (via)
Jamie Zawinski is what I would call a duct-tape programmer. And I say that with a great deal of respect. He is the kind of programmer who is hard at work building the future, and making useful things so that people can do stuff. He is the guy you want on your team building go-carts, because he has two favorite tools: duct tape and WD-40. And he will wield them elegantly even as your go-cart is careening down the hill at a mile a minute. This will happen while other programmers are still at the starting line arguing over whether to use titanium or some kind of space-age composite material that Boeing is using in the 787 Dreamliner.

September 2009

Build Product, Not PowerPoint (Even If You're Non-Technical)

by greut

And if you can't code, and you can't get brilliant coders to like and respect you, you probably shouldn't be an entrepreneur. There's no shame in being aware of your own abilities and steering your career accordingly.

August 2009


by greut

Modern startups should only have two departments: the problem team (people in contact with customers and prospective customers, understanding and learning from their needs) and the solutions team (engineers designing and building solutions to those problems).

Dégage, sale programmeur ! « Codingly

by greut & 3 others

Programmeur : n.m. Celui dont le métier est de rédiger des programmes informatiques. Le plus souvent, jeune diplômé, ou chef de projet raté. Syn. loser. Ex. Tu crains comme un programmeur.

Un chef de projet peut également être un développeur raté.

Accueil / News

by greut & 2 others

Le but de l’IILaR est de promouvoir la méthodologie de La RACHE. La RACHE, solution globale de génie logiciel, est un ensemble de techniques, de méthodes et de bonnes pratiques décrivant - des spécification à la maintenance - comment produire du logiciel dans des conditions à peu près satisfaisantes et approximativement optimales.

July 2009

Michel de Guilhermier's Blog: Photoways : ma Fierté, le Tissu Relationnel ! !

by greut

Maintenant, si la qualité du relationnel est toujours un élément important, cette importance varie en fonction des métiers. Pour ceux qui induisent une forte récurrence d'achat dans l'année (ie Photoways), et/ou qui comportent une part d'émotionnel et de subjectif dans l'acte d'achat (ie secteur habillement/chaussures), c'est strictement vital.

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