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February 2007

May 2006

Glide Effortless ~ Discover the Magic of Compatibility and Integration

by slogoo & 12 others
Glide Effortless是一个可以上传各类文件的服务平台. 相片, MP3, 视频, 文字, PPT和PDF文件均可上传. 上传的用户可以对这些内容拥有完全的控制权, 文件一经上传, 系统就马上将其转换成在线的预览

December 2005

AdForum: Advertising Agency and Creative Work

by ethocom is an impartial, advanced and up-to-date source of information on the advertising industry. The interactive database services provides essential information for the agency review process: agencies' profiles and creative work. It al

November 2005

Ten Bloglines Hacks

by jasontromm & 4 others (via)
In continuing with the social media “hacks” series (RSS, Technorati, blogging and Wikipedia), here are ten hacks that work with Bloglines, the most popular RSS news reader.

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