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Michel de Guilhermier's Blog: Photoways : ma Fierté, le Tissu Relationnel ! !

by greut

Maintenant, si la qualité du relationnel est toujours un élément important, cette importance varie en fonction des métiers. Pour ceux qui induisent une forte récurrence d'achat dans l'année (ie Photoways), et/ou qui comportent une part d'émotionnel et de subjectif dans l'acte d'achat (ie secteur habillement/chaussures), c'est strictement vital.


Elegant Code » Why Agile Doesn’t Really Work

by greut

Build your business practices to embrace change just like your Agile development practices do. Embrace continuous integration of the enterprise, not just your source code.

yes, embrace it


by minijogos
Catering companies for weddings, social events and partys.

Work Happy Now!

by springnet
Maximizing your work happiness should be the theme of your working life. Happiness creates success. When you stop putting in the hours and start extracting joy from work, you'll be successful.

Home Business

by peloponi
Home Business - Easy to do home business ideas

SWOT analysis

by 4004
A strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture.


Now, Any Business Can Tap 53 Million Facebook Users (For Free)

by springnet
Now, any business can create a Facebook profile, or business page, which any Facebook user can become a "fan" of. You no longer have to be a Fortune 500 company to afford this. It's free.

StartupNation - Source for Small Business Advice, Help Starting a Business, Entrepreneur Forum

by springnet & 7 others
A home-based millionaire and a redworm farmer Radio Show Home-Based Business StartupNation's Rich Sloan, chief Startupologist, interviews winners from the 2007 StartupNation...

Web Worker Daily

by springnet & 7 others
If you have the itch to work from home but not as an employee, how about checking out StartupNation’s Top 100 Home-based Businesses?

Viec lam, Tuyen dung, Tìm Kiếm Việc Làm & Tuyển Dụng, vieclam, timviec, tuyendung

by lamviec
This website is a recruiting website in Vietnam. The site is primarily in Vietnamese, but can also be viewed to some extent in English and Japanese.

Tìm Việc Làm & Tuyển Dụng, Vieclam, Timviec, Tuyendung, Online Recruiting Web Site in Vietnam

by lamviec
This website is a recruiting website in Vietnam. The site is primarily in Vietnamese, but can also be viewed to some extent in English and Japanese. Numerous very good positions listed here.

Web Worker Daily » Blog Archive How to Set Up a Productive Virtual Workspace «

by springnet
To be able to do your work from any computer, set up a virtual workspace online that will keep you productive, giving you quick access to what you need without all the distractions.

Drown by Debt

by ieee1294
A personal blog, similar to nevblog, that's tracking my fighting and getting out of debt. Includes tips and other information on how I'm fighting it, as well as resources that I use to educate myself on debt. Also includes other personal and business related issues.

Autobusy - Francja

by BUses
Francja. Autobusy, autokary używane oraz uszkodzone. Autobusy miejskie, przegubowe, turystyczne, liniowe oraz międzymiastowe.Oferta dynamicznie wzbogacana codzinnie w nowe pozycje autobusów od 50 do 70 miejscowych.

Trucks - Buses

by BUses, 1 comment
Used Buses, Tanks, Trucks and Trailers for Sales in Europe

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