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31 December 1969 17:00

Sporadic Nonsense » Clean Archives Plug-in.

by HandySolo & 2 others
Clean Archives”. It is a simple plug-in designed to display your archive listings in a clean and uniform fashion. It lists the Month / Year (links to that months archives), the day of the month the article was published, the title of the article (permalink to article), and the number of comments that have been made on each article. It also hides password protected articles from showing up in your archives list.

libertus » Performance Probe

by HandySolo
With a one-line change to the WordPress core code, this plugin gathers readings of WordPress use of memory, time and database queries which it dumps to a compressed file for later analysis.

CeprixConception | SpotMilk, Admin Theme for WordPress

by HandySolo & 6 others
SpotMilk – Admin Theme for WordPress 1.5 & 2.0

Wordpress tutorial: Blog posts in different columns — cre8d design blog

by HandySolo
Recently I had my blog posts divided into three columns with different blog posts appearing in each one. I’ve now switched back to two columns, putting my blog design/tech posts in one and my personal/life posts in the other. Here’s how I set it up (and this can be extended to as many columns/areas as you’d like):