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June 2013

WordPress im Visier | webmagazin

by 84GHz
Immer wieder gibt es Angriffe auf WordPress-Blogs. Und viele davon sind erfolgreich. Ist WordPress also unsicher?

May 2013

WordPress › ThreeWP Broadcast « WordPress Plugins

by srcmax
Network plugin for PHP v5.4 to broadcast posts to other blogs. Custom post types, custom taxonomies, post meta and attachments are supported.

20 Essential Plugins for WordPress Multisite -

by srcmax
There’s always lots of discussion on the WPMU DEV forums about the best plugins to use for WordPress Multisite. As the place to go for WordPress Multisite, I thought I’d check out what our support pros recommend that people install on their Multisite network.

scroll kit

by gregg
Scroll kit is a new type of content editor that allows you to own the page in one click. It took The New York Times hundreds of hours to hand code "Snow Fall." ...we made a replica in an hour.

April 2013


by toki
BuddyStream is a BuddyPress plugin that will synchronize all of your favorite Social Networks to the BuddyPress activity stream.

March 2013

Multisite Network Administration « WordPress Codex

by srcmax & 1 other
Once you've created a Multisite Network, there are some additional things you might need to know about advanced administration, due to the additional complexity of a Multisite. Even if you're familiar with WordPress, the location and behavior of Multisite Network Administration can be confusing.