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October 2014

NextDraft - Reaktiv Studios

by sbrothier
Back in March of 2012, I responded to a tweet from Sam Spratt asking for a developer to handle a simple HTML landing page for something he had designed. Even though it was not going to be handled with WordPress, I jumped at the chance to work with an artist whose work I knew and loved. At the time, I had never heard of NextDraft or its creator/publisher, Dave Pell, but after some intros and project scoping, I rolled out the site, which was only a three-page HTML page with a bit of jQuery to give it some life.

September 2014

Storyform / Tell better stories

by gregg
Integrate Storyform with your existing site and transform static blog posts and photos into immersive narratives -- all with the click of a button. Choose from a host of templates with full screen video and imagery and let Storyform do the rest.

August 2014

Aesop Story Engine

by jdrsantos
"Aesop Story Engine is a collection of thirteen unique components wrapped in a plugin that can be used to tell rich, interactive stories in (almost) any WordPress theme."