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WordPress 2.9 : Display post image with backward compatibility

by nicolargo
Post image bientôt disponible dans Wordpress 2.9, voici le code a insérer dans vos thémes !

Everything you need to know about WordPress 2.9’s post image feature

by nicolargo (via)
Préparer le support des thumbnails dans votre theme Wordpress (il faut attendre Wordpress 2.9)

Une aide précieuse pour blogguer

by Giraultises & 5 others
Zemanta est une extension pour Firefox, IE, Live Writer mais aussi Wordpress, MovableType ou Drupal. Ce service vous permettra de vous proposer des liens relatifs à votre sujet, des illustrations, d'autres articles et même des tags appropriés. A vos blogs...


WordPress › Support » Image/Media Uploader problems

by bouilloire
Additional: A new issue in WordPress 2.6 occurs when you have a custom directory for file uploads. The upload will work, but the link/thumbnail link will be wrong and so the image won't appear. This is a bug which can be fixed in one of two ways (either works): a) Specify the correct URL to the upload directory in the "optional" field just below the custom image path field. b) There's a new wp-includes/functions.php which will eliminate the issue. Download it and replace your existing wp-includes/functions.php file with it. Je me disais bien qu'il y avait un truc de pété.

Free WordPress Header Art

by jdrsantos
This site features a number of different headers for WordPress templates.


Image Replacement WordPress Plugin - Development on a Shoestring

by rike_ (via)
This plugin creates image replacements for HTML tags. Generally it will be used to replace the titles for posts, but it can replace any HTML tags with images of the text in any font (yes you can replace p tags, but this a Bad Idea™).

NextGEN Gallery at alex.rabe

by lukeslytalker
My last and hopefully best plugin for WordPress is a new Gallery plugin called NextGEN Gallery . It’s named als “NextGeneration” according to the the development of the game consoles . » Mettez des visages sur vos commentaires avec Gravatar

by CharlesNepote
"[...] Gravatar est un service universel qui sert à afficher votre photo à côté de vos commentaires. [...]"

Random Image Rotator Working Again | D'Arcy Norman dot net

by plasticdreams
random images もだけど,コメントの並び順を変えるスクリプトが面白そうなので試用予定。

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