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Wordmove by welaika

by Spone
Wordmove is a gem that lets you automatically mirror local Wordpress installations and DB data back and forth from your local development machine to the remote staging server. SSH connections are fully supported, while FTP support is planned to be discontinued when new features will be introduced. Think of it like Capistrano for Wordpress, complete with push/pull capabilities.



WordPress › Theme Switch and Preview « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
it allows you to tweak the template online without breaking stuff for visitors. There is a widget and a shortcode to make switching WordPress design easily.


by runen
A guide to Wordpress management and development

How to Create a Theme Development Environment for a Live WordPress Site – Inspect Element - Web Design & Development Blog

by simon_bricolo
Any good website owner knows that they need to be constantly looking at ways to improve their site even through small little tweaks. If you're using Wordpress you'll notice that it isn't easy to create a development version without creating a separate installation. Of course, you can make changes directly on a live WordPress site but that isn't recommended for anything other than minor tweaks.


Google Open Source Blog: Export a Git Project to Google Code

by piouPiouM
Marche à suivre pour utiliser Google Code en tant que miroir d'un projet Git.

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