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.docx DOCX Convert Office 2007

by sammyfisherjr & 3 others
Outil en ligne pour convertir les document docx en doc


Stuart Lewis' Blog » Direct from MS Word to DSpace via SWORD

by parmentierf
This blog post is about the functionality I have added to DSpace to allow it to accept deposits from within Microsoft Word using SWORD.



Print labels by using Excel data in a Word mail merge - Excel - Microsoft Office Online

by lukeslytalker
By creating a mail merge in Word, and then linking to a list in Excel, you can turn worksheet data such as the addresses of your customers into printable mailing labels

wvWare, library for converting Word documents

by jdrsantos
wv is a library which allows access to Microsoft Word files. It can load and parse Word 2000, 97, 95 and 6 file formats. (These are the file formats known internally as Word 9, 8, 7 and 6.) There is some support for reading earlier formats as well: Word 2

Make Microsoft Word less annoying - Lifehacker___Alpha Geek:

by kbluvscats & 1 other
Microsoft Word can drive you nuts. It piles on features few people need, plagues you with annoying auto-corrections and just generally acts like a pain in the ass. No more. It's time to take back the word processor, to put Word in its place and make it yo

Banner printing

by alfatester & 1 other
Printing banners or posters from any picture, digital photo, Word, Excel simply at home.


Easily Open .docx On A Mac

by marco
.docx is the new default extension for Microsoft Word. The simple way to avoid any complications would be to simply make sure everybody is saving it in an older format until we've all upgraded. Actually, I'm just dreaming.

Free online Word to Text converter released

by dapatil
This page on this blog contains a free converter that lets you convert Word documents to text files

Microsoft Expands Document Interoperability: Company to sponsor open source project for Open XML-ODF file translation to deliver more choice for government customers and their constituents.

by nhoizey & 2 others
“OpenXML represents a paradigm shift not only in its architecture but also in the customer needs it serves, opening organizations’ existing documents to take advantage of new content management and collaboration scenarios that weren’t possible even as recently as a few years ago ,” said Frédéric Bon, CEO of Clever Age. “Through the documentation Ecma International is creating and work such as the Open XML Translator project, customers will soon have the confidence that Open XML and ODF formats can coexist and new document scenarios will flourish. We are looking forward to working with the community of developers and businesses interested in XML documents.”

Quand les documents Word trahissent la confidentialité

by parmentierf & 2 others (via)
Les modifications apportées à un document peuvent parfois être distinctement lues par n'importe quel détenteur du traitement de texte de Microsoft. Une faille plus souvent exploitée qu'on ne le croît.

Quand les documents Word trahissent la confidentialité

by lemondeduweb & 2 others (via)
Allez ça ma bien fait rire de revoir ça... Je pensais qu'avec les années, ça aurait au moins été corrigé.

Quand les documents Word trahissent la confidentialité

by boveriec & 2 others (via)
Allez ça ma bien fait rire de revoir ça... Je pensais qu'avec les années, ça aurait au moins été corrigé.

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