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Adana | British Letterpress

by sbrothier
The ‘Adana Agency’ was founded in 1922 in Twickenham by Donald Affleck Aspinall. Adana was distin­guished by catering for the hobby letterpress printer, at a time when some suppliers did not approve of the hobby printer. The type founder Caslon stated that ‘We are not among those who are alarmed at the increase in amateur printing in this country, though we will not encourage it.’ The first official Adana machines were advertised in November 1922 in the Exchange and Mart. The machine was a devel­opment on the Parlour Presses of the late Victorian period, and retailed for 45/- (£2.25).

Briar Press | A letterpress community

by sbrothier
Briar Press is a community of 45,381 printers and artists dedicated to the preservation of letterpress. Learn more.

H&FJ News | Hoefler & Frere-Jones

by sbrothier
The Hamilton Manufacturing Co. traces its roots back to the very first wood types made in the United States. Darius Wells produced the first American wood type in 1828; his business was reorganized into Wells & Webb, then acquired by William Page, later passing back to the Wells family, and finally sold to Hamilton sometime before 1880. The product of this consolidation was a type specimen book issued in 1900, Hamilton’s Catalogue No. 14, which offers a good survey of American display typography of the nineteenth century.





David Bull - Woodblock Printmaker

by sbrothier & 1 other
In this site you will find illustrations of my prints, issues of my quarterly newsletter, audio interviews, and practical information on the 'how to' of woodblock printmaking.


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