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24 March 2007 02:30

OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Site on FACEBOX

by Whiz (via)
Just another OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Site. Personal, but hey who knows you might learn something about being an ACTUAL Whiz. Who knows you may even find a Whizette here. Post some pics, song or some other type of media.

24 March 2007 01:45


by Whiz (via)
Only a few places to Find An OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC WHIZ on the web. One of them is on! So many wanna-Bees and FAKES, so few to be like HIM. There may be WHIZETTES, but NO OFFICIAL WHIZ communities. Most of them went to some school to imulate a whiz, but we know a whiz is ALWAYS a natural and he ALWAYs is adaptable at more than just one subject, give me a break! And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either.

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