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September 2006

wistful-fever : DS : Duet : vid

by Olivia
Fraser/RayK. Really interesting use of the blur effect. Visual metaphors. Nice.

June 2006

wistful-fever : SPN : Freak : vid

by Olivia
One of the first vids I ever saw, and it totally knocked my socks off. Her psycho jealous Dean was so close to my own interpretation of the Dean we see in the Pilot. Really interesting AU/constructed reality. R for language.

wistful-fever : CWRPS : Documentary : vid

by Olivia
Not into the RPS so much, but technically, it's very beautiful; and it's emotionally affecting, as well. Highly recommended, even if you don't think you'll like it. (The love I have for this vid is HUGE in it's hugeness.)

March 2006

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