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Arctic Flight Is The Ideal Flight Companion For Your iPad [Kickstarter] | Cult of Mac

by oseres (via)
Using your iPad on a plane or a train can be a frustrating experience, especially if you’re attempting to use a wireless keyboard at the same time. But the Arctic Flight is a new Kickstarter project that hopes to change that. It’s a lightweight case and stand that’s fully adjustable and designed specifically for use in flight. It fits perfectly onto those tiny pull-down trays, and it has one novel feature than means you’ll never have to hold onto your iPad through a whole movie again.


Idea Flight for iPad on the iTunes App Store

by oseres (via)
Idea Flight is the only tool you need to share your ideas and direct the experience for your audience easily on the iPad. Just download Idea Flight, access a wireless connection, and you're ready for takeoff! Your FREE download includes a sample presentation you can use to test-pilot Idea Flight.

Air Sketch for the iPad by qrayon

by oseres (via)
Turn your iPad into a wireless whiteboard! Annotate PDF documents and images live. You can now project PDF documents (such as exported PowerPoint or Keynote decks) to a computer on the same local network, then annotate them in real time, all from your iPad.


Firesheep, a day later

by ebilodeau
Info on app that makes it easy for people to steal your access credentials when you are using free wi-fi (allowing them to login to sites as you)

Xirrus WiFi Arrays

by wabaus
Multiple-radio, many-user WiFi arrays


Make Your Digital Camera Wireless!

by macbros
Ever wanted your digital camera to be wireless? I have found just the thing my friends! I hope I'm the first person to mention this to you, because I'll be the Hero of the day! It's called the Eye-Fi. Read the full post to find out more!

Wireless Gigabit Alliance

by ycc2106
Wireless Gigabit Alliance envisions a global wireless ecosystem of interoperable, high performance devices that work together seamlessly to connect people in the digital age. Our technology enables multi-gigabit-speed wireless communications among these devices and fuels industry convergence to a single radio using the readily available, unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum.

Amazon releases new Kindle 2

by cryogenius (via)
Amazon has released Kindle 2 - the latest generation of this product, and now even better than before. Featuring improved battery life, an even more streamlined design, more storage, a sharper display and a new Text-to-Speech feature, the Kindle is better than ever!


PdaNet -- Use your iPhone as a Wireless Router for your PC/Mac

by Xavier Lacot
PDANet turns your iPhone into a true WiFi router for your computer (MAC or PC), and allows your laptop to go online wirelessly through the 3G network on the iPhone. You will need to jailbreak your iPhone and install it through Cydia. It is as simple as launching Cydia, go to Search and enter "PdaNet".

The WiFi SD Card for Your Camera

by cryogenius & 1 other (via)
"Upload photos automatically from your digital camera to your computer and favorite photo site with the world's first wireless memory card."

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