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【喝酒】聖誕節的暖暖香料酒。Mulled wine

by blackgoldfish
*材料* 紅酒 --------------- 一瓶,750ml 柳橙 --------------- 一顆,切大塊。 檸檬皮 ------------ 一顆的量。 糖 ------------------ 2 Tablespoon 。小香料包。 肉桂 --------------- 一根,折小段。 八角 --------------- 兩顆 豆蔻 --------------- 數顆,我用了5顆 (cardamom) 丁香 --------------- 數釘,我用了3~4個 (clove) 香草莢 ------------ 半截,剖開。


Le blog des vins du Languedoc Roussillon

by Tarasboulba
Faire connaitre et reconnaitre les vins du Languedoc Roussillon

Acheter du vin du Languedoc

by Tarasboulba
Boutique en ligne spécialisé vins du Languedoc Roussillon



Château des Ducs de Lorraine - Sierck les Bains (Moselle) - Actualités

by kemar
en route vers le chateau de malbrouck pour la "marche des seigneurs" 20km :-/ [from]

Cookshow: Recettes de cuisine faciles, 100% video. Recette facile = recette video. Chef la recette

by kemar & 2 others
tiens un site de cuisine en video pour ma mère [from]

How to Run Microsoft Office 2007 in Ubuntu Linux 8.10 | ProgrammerFish - Everything that's programmed!

by claire_
Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a nice, clean installation of Microsoft’s Office 2007 Suite to run on your Ubuntu Linux Distribution? For some people, this is the only thing that truly holds them back from an all-Linux environment… But not anymore! We have compiled a nice, concise set of instructions to help guide you along.

Amazing Wine Label Designs « Hired Guns Creative

by sbrothier
Wine label design is something that we’ve been interested in for a long time now. We’ve recently embarked on our first wine label design project and so we’ve been doing a bit of research. I wanted to share with you some of the better wine label designs that I’ve found recently.