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June 2011

Pranksters affix Windows logo to upcoming Hamburg Apple Store

by alamat (via)
A group of pranksters disguised themselves as construction workers on Saturday in order to post a Windows logo onto the facade of a future Apple Store in Hamburg, Germany.

May 2011

by srcmax & 1 other (via)
knockd is a port-knock server. It listens to all traffic on an ethernet (or PPP) interface, looking for special "knock" sequences of port-hits. A client makes these port-hits by sending a TCP (or UDP) packet to a port on the server. This port need not be open -- since knockd listens at the link-layer level, it sees all traffic even if it's destined for a closed port. When the server detects a specific sequence of port-hits, it runs a command defined in its configuration file. This can be used to open up holes in a firewall for quick access.


by gregg & 4 others
Run Windows Programs directly on OS X

April 2011

iPhone Tracker for Windows

by brianwaustin (via)
Reads the location file from iPhone backup and displays locations on a map


by rmaltete
Outil pour scanner une carte et récupèrer les waypoints

March 2011

NTFS-3G for Mac OS X

by rmaltete
utilitaire d'écriture disques NTFS sur mac

February 2011


by m.meixide
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True System Security Tweaker

by eledo34
* KorbenKorben * RockXPRockXP * Emploi * Forum * Contact et CVMe contacter * Proposer une infoProposer une info * Navigation hasardeuseAu hasard ! * Wiki de la liberté * True System Security Tweaker le 14 février 2011 | Nb visites : 1 677 | ShareThis True System Security Tweaker Amis Windowsiens, si vous êtes devenu le roi du Windows Custom, alors j’ai un petit utilitaire qui devrait vous intéresser. Il s’appelle True System Security Tweaker (alias TSST) et permet de modifier pas loin de 470 paramètres de Windows. En gros, tout ce qui se trouve dans l’explorateur Windows, le panneau de configuration, et dans Media Player, peut être masqué ou affiché. Idéal pour mettre certaines choses hors de portée des enfants (ou de vos collègues apprentis informaticiens).