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by cascamorto
ETcl is a Tcl/Tk distribution as a single standalone executable, with support for many different architectures (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile 2003 or better, ...). Distribution for each supported platform consists in a standalone single executable, which includes not only a complete Tcl/Tk system, but also several popular extensions (Pixane image handling, Thread, ZIP virtual filesystem, ...).

Tcl Developer Site

by cascamorto & 2 others
Tcl (Tool Command Language) is a very powerful but easy to learn dynamic programming language, suitable for a very wide range of uses, including web and desktop applications, networking, administration, testing and many more. Open source and business-friendly, Tcl is a mature yet evolving language that is truly cross platform, easily deployed and highly extensible.

The Tcler's Wiki

by cascamorto
Tcl is a simple-to-learn yet very powerful language. Its syntax is described in just a dozen rules, but it has all the features needed to rapidly create useful programs in almost any field of application - on a wide variety of international platforms. Tk is a graphical toolkit for Tcl. It allows you to develop graphical applications that run on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and many other platforms.

Vieka eSQL

by cascamorto
eSQL is a small, fast, portable and powerful embedded relational SQL database for Windows and Windows Mobile devices. Based on excellent database engine sqlite, eSQL provides rich features including: * A complete database is stored in a single cross-platform file. * No setup or administration needed. * Implements most of SQL92 standard, such as multiple tables, multiple indexes, transactions with atomic commit/ rollback, subqueries, compound queries, views, triggers. * Support for in-memory database. * Support database size up to 2 terabytes. * Very small memory footprint and faster than most popular database. * Compression for compacting database. * AES 256-bit encryption for securing data. * Native C/C or standard ODBC API is simple and easy to use. * eSQL.Net data provider for Microsoft .Net integration and rapid application development. * A cross-platform graphical database manager can be used to administer an eSQL database. * An interactive SQL command line tool is provided as an example of how to use eSQL in your application. eSQL database engine has been used by wide variety of applications. It has been included by General Dynamics for the US Navy for use onboard the DDG class of destroyers. It is also being used at Duke Energy and in other branches of the US military. If you want the convenience of SQL without the size and setup hassles of database servers for your Windows Mobile device, or if you just simply want a best MS Access replacement, eSQL is right for you!



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