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Remote Preview

by Spone & 1 other (via)
Remote preview is a tiny JavaScript based tool which I built for our test lab. It allows you to preview any URL on large number of mobile devices simultaneously. Just enter a URL, hit enter, and new URL gets automatically loaded on each device. Remote preview works on platforms like Android, Blackberry, iOS, Maemo, Meego, Symbian, Windows Phone and WebOS.



jqModal :: Minimalistic Modaling for jQuery

by loneseb & 3 others
jqModal is a plugin for jQuery to help you display notices, dialogs, and modal windows in a web browser. It is flexible and tiny, akin to a "Swiss Army Knife", and makes a great base as a general purpose windowing framework.


jQuery.ifixpng - png transparency for windows ie versions below 6

by camel & 10 others (via)
As you know IE versions below 6 do not support png transparency. This plugin designed to fix that problem by applying appropriate filters to user specified elements, while keeping all element tags intact. Plugin works well with both img elements within the DOM and css properties specified externally. • It is chainable. • Unlike some other png hack solutions, it does not replace/hide any of your html tags. • You can revert applied changes using .iunfixpng(). • Extremely easy to use!

Google Gears (BETA)

by parmentierf & 10 others (via)
Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using following JavaScript APIs

Mon-beulogue, le blog du développeur Geek

by waldo2188
Des codes sources, des astuces, des news web insollites et encore bien d'autres catégories d'articles.

Prototype Window Class : Introduction

by parmentierf & 19 others (via)
This javascript class allows you to add window in a HTML page. This class is based on Prototype. The code is inspired by the powerful library. You can even use all effects to show and hide windows if you include effects.js file , but it's not mandatory. It has been tested on Safari, Camino, Firefox and IE6, Opera looks fine.


Renesis Player 0.2 -- Roadmap

by parmentierf (via)
Les nouveautés du player SVG Renesis Player 0.2. A noter: un plugin pour IE, getAttribute, setAttribute, onclick, onmouseover, ..., etc.

Leak Monitor :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

by camel & 1 other (via)
Pour détecter ces fuites de mémoire, David Baron (développeur Mozilla) a développé une petite extension firefox avertissant des blocs de mémoire perdus lorsque l'on quitte une page web. Bien pratique.

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