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Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/User:WCityMike - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by bit2bit
Wikipedia:Miscellany for deletion/User:WCityMike ... about Wikipedias community a bit different ...

Main Page - Wikitruth

by bit2bit & 1 other
Welcome to Wikitruth, the free scandal sheet that anyone can visit...

The great Failure of Wikipedia

by bit2bit
Transcription of a presentation/speech given at Notacon 3, April 8, 2006. The original presentation's audio is available at:

Constructing the Digital Universe » Blog Archive » The New Politics of Knowledge

by bit2bit
Since my own essay critical of Wikipedia’s “anti-elitism”, and intensifying after Jaron Lanier’s more recent essay touting Wikipedia as the prime example of “online collectivism,” the amazingly huge, wide-open encyclopedia project has becom...

Why I Quit Wikipedia « Archive « Musings of a Chicagoan

by bit2bit
... a kind of quantum encyclopedia, where genuine data both exists and doesn’t exist depending on the precise moment I rely upon your discordant fucking mob for my information...

Micro Persuasion: How to Check for Wikipedia Articles That Link to You

by bit2bit & 1 other
Wikipedia has quietly rolled out a special page that lets you unearth all of the pages that link to a particilar Web site or page. It even covers discussion and other miscellaneous pages that are embedded deep inside the site...