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Wikis de territoire -

by CharlesNepote
Une bonne synthèse de Florence Devouard sur les wikis de territoires.

Planzone | Logiciel de gestion de projet en ligne

by oseres & 1 other
Planzone vous permet d'organiser vos projets dans un seul endroit, gérer des tâches, communiquer et collaborer avec vos collègues et partenaires, partager des modèles de projets...

tantek wiki / CommunicationProtocols

by springnet
communication protocols for the new age from tantek celik "'m capturing and collecting some notes on my experiences with optimal human to human communication protocols and mediums from my perspective, i.e. when others are trying to communicate with me, wh


Des outils collaboratifs pour votre réseau

by Dliz & 18 others
CollectiveX est un ensemble d'outils publics ou privés pour votre réseaux. Vous pourrez ainsi disposer d'un site "corporate, d'un blog, et de calendrier, de forum et de gestionnaire de fichiers.

Un wiki pour vos projets

by Dliz & 5 others
Mindquarry est un gestionnaire de projets composé d'un module de gestion des utilisateurs, un module de gestion de fichier, un wiki et un gestionnaire de tâches. Vous pourrez aussi synchroniser les fichiers avec votre PC. A voir...


by Dliz
Editeur de texte, partage de notes, en ligne. wiki


by tomlaigle & 1 other
Un wiki prometteur, offrant de nombreuses options (sauvegarde automatique, templates, RSS...)


by oseres & 6 others (via)
Twine Ties it all Together Twine is a new service that intelligently helps you share, organize and find information with people you trust. Share more productively. In Twine you can safely share information and knowledge, and collaborate around common interests, activities and goals. Twine helps you better leverage and contribute to the collective intelligence of your network. Use Twine to share more productively with friends, colleagues, groups and teams. Get more organized. Twine provides one place to tie everything together: emails, bookmarks, documents, RSS feeds, contacts, photos, videos, product info, data records, and more. And, because Twine actually understands the meaning of any information you add in, it helps you organize all your stuff automatically. Finally, you can search and browse everything and everyone you know, about anything, in one convenient place. Find and be found. You are like a snowflake – you are totally one-of-a-kind. Twine recognizes what makes you special: your unique interests, personality, knowledge and relationships, to help you find and discover things, and be found by others, more relevantly. Who is Twine For? Friends. Colleagues. Groups. Teams. Anyone who needs help dealing with the growing array of information and relationships on the Web today. Whether you just need to organize and share with friends, or you need to collaborate better with teams, Twine provides the smartest way to tie it all together. How Does Twine work? We thought you’d never ask! Well, in a nutshell Twine uses the Semantic Web, natural language processing, and machine learning to make your information and relationships smarter. But if that’s all Greek to you, just think of Twine as your very own intelligent personal Web assistant, working for you behind the scenes so you can be more productive. The participatory guide to online videos

by nunobaba
Zeboudoir works like any other TV guide for online videos. But as it is powered by wiki technologies, it is updated faster than others and provide additional informations that others don't have.

by lukeslytalker & 40 others
Free Collaborative Editing & Publishing

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