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April 2008

screenfashion: The Wiinstrument Archives

by jerome & 1 other
Playing drums with your Wii remote in GarageBand? No problem. Here's how you do it (You need The Wiinstrument 0.2+, a Mac with Bluetooth and Apple's GarageBand installed, and a Nintendo Wii remote. For a better feeling, a Nunchuk extension controller is recommended.)

March 2008

Interview with a Wii hacker - Feature - Tech Talk -

by sylvainulg
Atomic talked to Wii hacker Bushing about every conceivable aspect of Wii hacking. To make things even more incredible, the first “Hello World” program to ever to run on a Wii was executed during our discussion.

February 2008

Johnny Chung Lee Project

by nachilau & 9 others
Crazy Wii Hack Project

Utiliser une Wiimote sur son PC « Bocal à Geek

by julie & 1 other

Johnny Chung Lee est un étudiant qui a comme intérêt dans ses recherches de rendre les technologies plus accessibles. Comme projet personnel, il a entre autre fait des applications permettant d’utiliser une Wiimote connecté par bluetooth à son PC comme interface afin de rendre l’expérience pc-utilisateur plus interactive. Voici des vidéos expliquant ce qu’il a fait


by julie & 1 other
Échangez vos Étoiles contre des Wii Points

January 2008

Top Nintendo Wii Games Reviewed

by cryogenius (via)
If you're looking for a new game buy for the Wii, here I have reviewed the top games in my collection. Game Reviews include Wii Sports, Wii Play, Elebits and EA Playground, plus some mini-reviews of my other Games.

Top Wii Games Review

by cryogenius, 1 comment (via)
I have owned a Wii for almost a year now, and our collection of games is growing gradually. If you're looking for a new game buy for the Wii, here I have reviews the top games in my collection...

:: FL GAMES ::

by xlr8
cables pour Wii, xbox360 et ps3

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