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April 2005

March 2005

frontpage - seattlewireless

by unfortunate
creating a wireless broadband community in the seattle area

coffee and wireless in seattle

by unfortunate
best places to huddle over a cup of coffee with your laptop

February 2005

Installation Ndiswrapper

by thbkrshw
topic sur andesi decrivant l'instrallation de ndiswrapper sous debian

The Hotel Wayfairer

by smudie
Hotel in Wimbledon (London) with wifi access


by lunar
Paris-SansFil est un groupe de personnes qui œuvrent pour le développement des réseaux sans fils à Paris. Son but est d'en promouvoir un usage libre, gratuit et communautaire.


by lunar & 7 others
OpenWrt is a linux distribution for the Linksys WRT54G.

How-to: Protect Your Wireless LAN ■ Maximum PC

by wyliej
Add RAID drivers and Service Pack 2 to your original Windows CD!

The Shmoo Group

by smokie & 1 other
The Shmoo Group is a non-profit think-tank comprised of security professionals from around the world who donate their free time and energy to information security research and development.

Airsnarf - A rogue AP setup utility

by smokie & 1 other
Airsnarf is a simple rogue wireless access point setup utility designed to demonstrate how a rogue AP can steal usernames and passwords from public wireless hotspots.

January 2005

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