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Hacker shows how easy it is to take over a city’s public Wi-Fi network

by alamat
In a perfect example of how public wireless networks can be dangerous for privacy and security, an Israeli hacker showed that he could have taken over the free Wi-Fi network of an entire city.


WiFi Hotspots for public access Internet

by pippolo & 1 other
The WI-FI technology are a reality on the internet users today. tHE WI-FI SIGNAL are identifiable through a device called WiFi hotspot locators. Hotspots are often located in places such as airports, libraries, hotels, coffee shops and restaurants. For those who has close attention to my articles, I just gave some Online Wi-Fi HotSpot Location Directory, are common gathering points for “road warriors”, so the danger of wasting lots of time to finds them is reduced.


Wireless Philadelphia ■ Sparks Concern

by wyliej
"Wireless Philadelphia" project, which includes building a mesh network that makes the city one live hot spot.

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