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Tester son réseau WIFI WEP

by sdaclin & 13 others
Actuellement c'est très simple de craquer une cléf wep, ce tutorial permet de tester la manipulation.


Howto crack (or hack) a wireless network with Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

by lecyborg
WEP was intended to provide comparable confidentiality to a traditional wired network (in particular it does not protect users of the network from each other), hence the name. Several serious weaknesses were identified by cryptanalysts — any WEP key can be cracked with readily available software in two minutes or less — and WEP was superseded by Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) in 2003, and then by the full IEEE 802.11i standard (also known as WPA2) in 2004. Despite the weaknesses, WEP provides a level of security that can deter casual snooping

Wireless Penetration

by lecyborg & 1 other
Un diagramme expliquant comment pénétrer un réseau wifi selon les différentes possibilités. Très clair.

by lecyborg
How to Crack WEP (Local Hacking) Tutorial


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