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September 2006

Grazr, you know for feeds...

by jackiege & 12 others

ThisNext - Recommend, Share and Discover Great Products!

by jackiege & 21 others
用户可以自由提供商品和相关信息,垂直搜索,自由安装 bookmarklet 方便各种快捷操作,提供相似商品链接,用户还可以把自己的商品信息通过生成代码的方式添加到自己的 blog 或者个人网页上 via WangT

cruxy beta

by jackiege & 1 other
买卖个人"产品" 摄影作品/原创音频视频/创意设计等,另增加了平面媒体之外的销售,可以通过 widget把销售信息发布到blog 上.相关的各式媒体文件都被存储在了 Amazon S3,支付平台默认为 Paypal

August 2006 - Share your digital life for free - photos, music, blog, faves and more!

by jackiege & 3 others
via WangTam/Uploaded audio files are placed in playlists called TuneFeeds that can be shared with others or played in your profile page. There’s a browser toolbar for adding URLs to your favorites list and otherwise working with your account from off si

June 2006

::Plusmo:: The Web. To go.

by jackiege
需要下载手机软件来支持服务lets you read personalized content from websites that's already been downloaded to your device for fast, local browsing.

MuseStorm - The Web 2.0 Gateway

by jackiege & 11 others (via)

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