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17 October 2005

New Google Wi-Fi Details Surface

by teleclick
Google’s eight-page proposal for a free Wi-Fi network in San Francisco has now been publicly released, and with it come new details about the company’s plans.

07 October 2005

EarthLink to Offer Wi-Fi Cellular Service

by teleclick
The internet service provider, EarthLink, is making plans to enter the cell phone business, by offering voice service over its citywide wireless networks.

03 October 2005

Google Proposes Free Wi-Fi Network In San Francisco

by teleclick
Google spokesman, Nate Tyler, has recently confirmed that Google is proposing to provide free Wi-Fi internet access to residents of San Francisco.

27 September 2005

HotSpot Switching to ElevenOS Broadband Management System

by teleclick
HotSpot International, Latin America’s biggest provider of hotel broadband services, has announced that they will now be using ElevenOS™ (the flagship product of Eleven® Wireless) to manage the guest access networks, which they provide to hotel patrons.

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