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Belkin N1 Vision

by kooolman
"En plus d'être (et de loin !) le plus élégant et le plus sophistiqué des routeurs disponibles à ce jour, le Belkin N1 Vision est avant tout l'un des plus performants. Utilisant la norme réseau 802.11n draft 2.0 et proposant 4 ports Gigabit Ethernet, il intègre en outre un écran permettant de surveiller le débit du réseau, l'utilisation de la bande passante par les différents ordinateurs ainsi que le statut des périphériques réseau connectés." Je veuuuuuuxxxxx !!!!



Google Proposes Mountain View Wi-Fi Network

by teleclick
Google has announced plans to use its home city of Mountain View, California as a testing ground to prove the social and financial benefits of providing customers with free wireless internet connections.

Citywide Wi-Fi Network Proposed for Milwaukee

by teleclick
A small start-up by the name of Midwest Fiber Networks (MWFN) has put in a bid to build a citywide Wi-Fi network in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, similar to the network being built in Philadelphia.

Nintendo Announces UK Launch of Free Wi-Fi Gaming

by teleclick
Nintendo has announced a date for the UK launch of its free Wi-Fi gaming service. The service, which is compatible with the Nintendo DS, will become available at numerous bars, restaurants, and other public places, starting on November 25.

New Google Wi-Fi Details Surface

by teleclick
Google’s eight-page proposal for a free Wi-Fi network in San Francisco has now been publicly released, and with it come new details about the company’s plans.

EarthLink Wins Philadelphia Wi-Fi Bid

by teleclick
Philadelphia has decided on EarthLink to be the provider of the new citywide wireless broadband network, which will be the largest municipal Wi-Fi network in the US.

Philadelphia to Build Wireless Broadband Network

by teleclick
Philadelphia has recently come to an agreement with Verizon, Pennsylvania’s primary telephone provider, which will allow the city to build a low-cost wireless broadband network.

Google Wi-Fi May Threaten Other ISPs

by teleclick
There has recently been some speculation that if the city of San Francisco accepts Google’s proposal to offer a free citywide Wi-Fi network, the new network may steal customers from already-established cable and telephone providers.

Google Proposes Free Wi-Fi Network In San Francisco

by teleclick
Google spokesman, Nate Tyler, has recently confirmed that Google is proposing to provide free Wi-Fi internet access to residents of San Francisco.

HotSpot Switching to ElevenOS Broadband Management System

by teleclick
HotSpot International, Latin America’s biggest provider of hotel broadband services, has announced that they will now be using ElevenOS™ (the flagship product of Eleven® Wireless) to manage the guest access networks, which they provide to hotel patrons.

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