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May 2006

April 2006

Central Desktop Blog

by mikepower & 1 other
Email as a collaboration tool sucks. Everyone knows this. Everyone says it. Everyone writes about it. And everyone agrees that its inefficient, it’s chaotic, its silo’ed and its full of spam. Yet, in spite of these shortcomings, we can assume with

Blog Alert: Free Email Notifications of Blog Posts

by mikepower & 2 others
Blog Alert will send you daily email notifications when there are new posts to your favorite blog or RSS feed. No account is required, just enter the feed URL and your email address

March 2006

February 2006

CityDesk: CMS for windows from the renowned Fog Creek people

by mikepower & 2 others
“...CityDesk [is] a fantastic low-cost desktop content management tool that revolutionizes the ease with which any journalist, researcher or writer can update and post to his web site without the need to go through a webmaster.”

January 2006

Nuvvo Free On-demand eLearning

by mikepower & 14 others
For many years, online learning or eLearning has been a promise not fully realized. Nuvvo is your way to teach on the web. Everyone knows a little bit about something, and this free web service is designed to bring out the teacher in you

Newsvine - Court Bars Tirade on Malaysian Web Site

by mikepower
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — A court told a disgruntled car owner he cannot chronicle the alleged defects of his Malaysian-made Perodua and his tirade against the car maker on a personal Web site.

Sweet Vienna!

by mikepower
Vienna is a superb, clean, good-looking, freeware, open source RSS and Atom newsreader for Mac OSX 10.3.9 or later. It uses a simple three pane UI and includes features such as smart folders, custom article display styles and subscription groups.

iWire! Broadcast : Internet Radio, Search for audio and video files anywhere on the Internet

by mikepower
iWire! Broadcast is the ultimate Internet audio browser, far exceeding what other media players bring to the table. Browse over 10,000 live radio stations from all cultures and musical genres. Find radio shows, educational broadcasts, and enough tunes

December 2005

memigo : cut through the infoglut

by mikepower & 2 others
news aggregator which learns your preferences


by mikepower
Automatic multi RSS button generator. Allows easy RSS subscription by your readers


by mikepower & 3 others
PurpleSlurple is a transcoding service that reformats Web pages on-the-fly to create granular addressability in document elements on EXISTING Web pages

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