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OFFICIAL WHIZ Community Web Site on OurStory!

by Whiz (via)
It is a WHIZ story blog. When I get time I'll be inputting some Official WHIZ stories. I will be updating it little by little with more Whiz stories. Excuse me gotta go take a wiz or shouldn't that be leave a wiz?.

OFFICIAL Whiz Community Web Sites - Links on the Web

by Whiz (via)
Looking for "The Whiz" look no further. A lot of people are looking for Whiz, but can't find him. No worries. has room for all. is one of the places to find WHIZ links for "The OFFICAL WHIZ Community Web Sites" on the web!


by Whiz (via)
Only a few places to Find An OFFICIAL AUTHENTIC WHIZ on the web. One of them is on! So many wanna-Bees and FAKES, so few to be like HIM. There may be WHIZETTES, but NO OFFICIAL WHIZ communities. Most of them went to some school to imulate a whiz, but we know a whiz is ALWAYS a natural and he ALWAYs is adaptable at more than just one subject, give me a break! And you won't find many of those cheesy, cheese, gee, golly, nerds here either.



course selection + hklj meeting + drinks + webradio

by ryanne
[monday, 08 august 2005] finally done! thanks to the help of bonnie (the 揀科 expert), maureen (for telling me about the stupid draft timetable which is helpful but inaccurate), eddy (for the info of UG3a), natalie (for waking me up..haha) and donna (fo


by nader
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