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WebRTC IP Leak VPN / Tor Test | Privacy Tools

by dzc
This page will test if your internet browser is affected by the WebRTC Leak.




by Spone
Truly simple video chat and screen sharing for small groups.

Partager vos fichier simplement dans votre navigateur

by Giraultises & 1 other (via)
FilePizza est un service tout simple qui vous permet de partager un fichier via une adresse url que vous partager. Pas d'upload, pas de logiciel supplémentaire. ce service fonctionne grâce à WebRTC, présent nativement dans Chrome et Firefox.


rfc5766-turn-server - High-performance free open source TURN and STUN Server implementation. VoIP media traffic NAT traversal and gateway. TURN client library included. - Google Project Hosting

by srcmax
High-performance free open source TURN and STUN Server implementation. VoIP media traffic NAT traversal and gateway. TURN client library included.

Peer5 Downloader

by srcmax & 2 others
Peer5 Downloader is a new kind of downloader that works within the browser. Users help each other download and relieve the load from your server.


Traversal Using Relays around NAT - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by srcmax
Traversal Using Relays around NAT (TURN) is a protocol that allows for a client behind a network address translator (NAT) or firewall to receive incoming data over TCP or UDP connections. It is most useful for clients behind symmetric NATs or firewalls that wish to be on the receiving end of a connection to a single peer

Opus Codec

by sbrothier
Opus is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. Opus is unmatched for interactive speech and music transmission over the Internet, but is also intended for storage and streaming applications. It is standardized by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as RFC 6716 which incorporated technology from Skype's SILK codec and Xiph.Org's CELT codec.

Ericsson Labs | Experimenting with WebRTC on iOS

by sbrothier (via)
While continously improving our WebRTC-enabled WebKit engine we have also been busy implementing an iOS application with WebRTC support. In the clip below, we show you a webapp running in both our WebRTC-WebKit and an iPad, with WebRTC media going between the two.

Novocaine: painless high-performance audio on iOS and OS X

by sbrothier
An analgesic for high-performance audio on the iPhone, iPad and Mac OS X. Really fast audio in iOS and Mac OS X using Audio Units is hard, and will leave you scarred and bloody. What used to take days can now be done with just a few lines of code.

WebRTC Experiments & Demos ® Muaz Khan

by sbrothier (via)
RecordRTC — A library for cross-browser audio/video recording RTCMultiConnection — A JavaScript library for streams renegotiation and sharing; multi-session establishment and much more. DataChannel.js — A JavaScript library for data/file/text sharing! Pre-recorded media streaming — Most demanded and useful feature!

WebRTC Copy

by srcmax & 1 other
WebRTC enables Real Time Communication across the internet directly between web browsers. This website allows files of any size and messages to be transmitted securely over this protocol.

Add live, face-to-face video with the OpenTok platform | TokBox

by srcmax & 2 others
Enhance your products with live, face-to-face communication.

PeerJS - Simple peer-to-peer with WebRTC

by srcmax & 1 other
PeerJS wraps the browser's WebRTC implementation to provide a complete, configurable, and easy-to-use peer-to-peer connection API. Equipped with nothing but an ID, a peer can create a P2P data or media stream connection to a remote peer.

SimpleWebRTC.js from &yet

by srcmax & 1 other
You can build cool stuff with WebRTC in five minutes.

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