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October 2007 - Accueil

by cascamorto & 105 others, 1 comment
Technologie * (X)HTML * RSS * CSS * DOM * PNG Thème * Pages dynamiques * Navigateurs * Accessibilité * Études de cas * Mise en page * Multimédia * Structure Ressources * Outils * Spécifications

cours et tutoriaux sur Dreamweaver MX et 8 -

by cascamorto & 1 other
Vous trouverez dans cette partie des tutoriaux pour apprendre et se former à l'utilisation de Dreamweaver MX 2004 et Dreamweaver 8.

July 2007

HTML Entity Character Lookup - Left Logic

by cascamorto & 14 others
Using HTML entities is the right way to ensure all the characters on your page are validated. However, often finding the right entity code requires scanning through 250 rows of characters.

A List Apart: Articles: Conflicting Absolute Positions

by cascamorto & 4 others
On two separate occasions this month, I’ve been required to produce a layout in which a fixed-width scrolling side “pane” and flexible scrolling main “pane” must resize to fill all available space in a browser window. As a CSS purist, I’ve always tried to avoid such dynamic layouts, but sometimes they’re required. When they are, I like to have a good old grumble about the fact that I’ve resorted to using JavaScript for my layouts.

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