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April 2011

In Defense of “Checklist” Accessibility at Karl Groves

by Monique

What the arguments attempt to assert is, essentially, that “Checklist” accessibility is not good enough, either because the checklists themselves are flawed or that the checklist takes the disabled user out of the equation and relegates their challenges to the level of a series of check items.

May 2010

WCAG 2.0 Audio Audio Contrast Tool Help For Success Criteria 1.4.7. - E-Ramp Inc. Assistive Technology for people with disabilities

by Monique
WCAG 2.0, Success Criteria 1.4.7 is a guideline for accessible audio files on the internet. The goal is to help people who are hard of hearing understand the speech (foreground). This is done by making sure that any background music or noise is very quiet. Background music (or sound) should be at least 20dB lower than the foreground speech.

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