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Screen Resolution ≠ Browser Window | CSS-Tricks

by Monique

We often talk about screen resolution, which is not the relevant statistic when thinking about what space our website's visitors have available. The relevant statistic is browser window size.

In Defense of “Checklist” Accessibility at Karl Groves

by Monique

What the arguments attempt to assert is, essentially, that “Checklist” accessibility is not good enough, either because the checklists themselves are flawed or that the checklist takes the disabled user out of the equation and relegates their challenges to the level of a series of check items.

Setting up a screen reader test environment » iheni :: making the web worldwide

by Monique & 1 other

some tips to get you started when setting up a screen reader testing environment.

Text alternatives for images: some examples « Writing for the Web

by Monique

The same image may require a different text alternative when it plays a different role or is used in a different context.


Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection -

by Monique
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection contains multiple standalone versions of Mozilla Firefox, which can be used at the same time (Windows)

Screen Readers and Assistive Technology: 5 Ways to Improve Web Accessibility – SEO « Switched On Media

by Monique
The need to ensure that your business website is accessible to all visitors has never been greater.

Problems with Using Website Validation Services

by Monique
This article aims to underpin the inherent issues of validating your websites through automated web services/tools and how using these tools to meet certain requirements can miss the point entirely.

Think About Accessibility Before You Start Developing Your Web Site or Web Application

by Monique
When I tell people about accessibility, I always stress that it should be designed at the blackboard, when you outline your project, before you even write a line of code.

Firebug Extensions - FirebugWiki

by Monique
Firebug extensions augment or otherwise enhance the Firebug extension. Firebug extensions typically come in the form of Firefox add-ons.

WebAIM: Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility with the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

by Monique
Based on some of the WCAG 1.0 checkpoints, this article aims to provide a quick outline of how Mozilla Firefox and the Web Developer Toolbar can help with these manual checks.

WCAG 2.0 Audio Audio Contrast Tool Help For Success Criteria 1.4.7. - E-Ramp Inc. Assistive Technology for people with disabilities

by Monique
WCAG 2.0, Success Criteria 1.4.7 is a guideline for accessible audio files on the internet. The goal is to help people who are hard of hearing understand the speech (foreground). This is done by making sure that any background music or noise is very quiet. Background music (or sound) should be at least 20dB lower than the foreground speech.

What is an Accessibility Audit – Humanising Technology

by Monique
An accessibility audit is a thorough evaluation of your website using recognised guidelines and metrics. There are a lot of different approaches to doing an accessibility audit; this article gives you the low-down on exactly what you need to know.


What does browser testing mean today? | Stuff and Nonsense

by Monique
Before we send over our design files to the chaps at CannyBill, first a run through of the browsers that we have tested in the new design and some musings about what browser testing actually means today, in the face of an ever more diversified browser and device landscape.

Top 20 Essential Firefox Add-ons for Web Designers

by Monique
Our top 20 essential Firefox extensions geared for people who build websites.... des classiques et de moins connues

Useful URLs

by Monique
Useful URLs is a guide to URL design. It contains recommendations of best practice, along with explanations of the issues involved.


A CSS standard for HTML rendering

by Monique & 6 others
Tripoli is a generic CSS standard for HTML rendering. By resetting and rebuilding browser standards, Tripoli forms a stable, cross-browser rendering foundation for your web projects.

Debug Styles in Style

by Monique
CSSEdit's built-in validation makes writing W3C-approved CSS a one click process. There's no need to browse through clunky web forms. - MacRabbit - CSSEdit

PHP-generated CSS magic - Pixarea Blog

by Monique
"I would like to share my new experiments concerning CSS, and how it can be used with a server-side scripting language like PHP."

FileFormat.Info · The Digital Rosetta Stone

by Monique & 7 others
Une mine d'informations sur les extensions et formats de fichier, les types d'encodage, les caractères et polices, les types MIME... et des outils de conversion.

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