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Famous Quotes and Sayings at Famous Quotes Central

by quotations & 1 other
Famous Quotes and Famous Sayings are listed and categorized at Famous Quotes Central

Blog of the Day Awards

by quotations & 1 other
Blog of the Day Awards offers the best selection of weblogs and famous blogs on a variety of topics. Daily Blog Of The Day Awards - Award for the best blogs submitted by visitors. Criteria include content, quality, creativity, and the personal opinion of the judges.


Bloggers- Tools For Directories

by bronzy
A blog of resources for directory owners or anyone wishing to start a directory, great information on where to find free tool and resources that will help improve your directory look and usability and make it a competitive force. Free to add your own resources.

by fgi
A tool for bloggers to promote their best posts, and for readers to find them.

Tumblelogs (

by springnet & 2 others
A tumblelog is a quick and dirty stream of consciousness, a bit like a remaindered links style linklog but with more than just links. They remind me of an older style of blogging, back when people did sites by hand,

Come All Ye Faithful Bring Your Bible Hymn Book and U2

by YukihiroKawashi
I sit on the sofa listening to U2s If God will Send His Angels not because I am Bonos 1 fan but because I want to hear what is captivating the churches lately the U2charist

Prayers Said for Fatally Shot British Teenager

by YukihiroKawashi
A church service for 15yearold Billy Cox the third teenager shot dead in South London in the past two weeks has seen prayers read to comfort a shocked and dismayed community

Young People Leaving Hypocrisy, Not Traditional Church

by JomeiKujo
Riverside Baptist Church in Denver, Colo., is defined as a megachurch; its worship style is a blend of traditional and contemporary worship; and the attire is both formal and informal, according to a church ...

World Vision Aids Jakarta Flood Disaster

by JomeiKujo
World Vision staff members in Jakarta teamed up Friday to organise and distribute emergency relief aid after severe floods hit the city at dawn Hundreds of thousands of people were forced to flee their homes in a desperate attempt to find a safe place to shelter

Backstory: Who's the more dominant sportsman: Woods or Federer?

by JomeiKujo
Maybe the only way to settle who's better is to give Tiger a racket and Roger a wedge.


Travel to Hvar

by hvar
Travel to Hvar blog

Gérald & son Blog...

by GeraldB
Un petit blog chez Free propulsé par DotClear2.

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