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abc dotclear

by philippej & 2 others (via)
"Ce blog est destiné à ceux qui n'y connaissent rien, mais alors rien de rien, et veulent ouvrir un blog Dotclear."


Gist — GitHub

by philippej & 1 other (via)

"... great-looking ways to display code on your blog."

Peut-être pratique pour afficher du code dans un blog ou sur un site.


How To Sketchcast

by philippej
500 ou 700 $ pour une tablette pc risquent quand même d'en arrêter plus d'un pour ce qui reste encore le plus souvent un loisir :)


by philippej (via)
Weblogging, screencasting, podcasting and now sketchcasting !


by philippej (via)
Insérer un slideshow Flickr dans une page web. La suite.

9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers

by philippej & 1 other
« So when it doubt…post. You can always un-publish it if you need to. »

The Tipping Point for OpenID

by philippej (via)
« The odds of OpenID succeeding for real mainstream users, however, depends on it being simple and relatively idiot-proof. »


by philippej & 2 others (via)
« MonsterID is a method to generate a unique monster image based upon a certain identifier (IP address, email address, whatever). It can be used to automatically provide personal avatar images in blog comments or other community services. »


Comment transformer votre blog en une OpenID ?

by philippej & 8 others (via)
Traduction du billet de Simon Willison (

Who Owns Your Comments ?

by philippej
« I know that one thing coComment does for me is give me a bit more of a feeling that my comments are mine. »


by philippej & 5 others (via)
« Convert your website into DNA art. » Inutile et donc incontournable.

My Timelines

by philippej & 1 other (via)
« ... let's you easily add an AJAX based timeline that displays your most recent blog entries. »

Embedded Flickr Slideshows

by philippej & 8 others (via)
Comment insérer un slideshow Flickr dans un post.

Rapid Reporting for Rapid Response

by philippej (via)
« ... a proof of concept whereby you email placemarks to a content management system and then have them appear automatically in Google Earth via a network link. »

Google Updates Blogger

by philippej (via)
« So someone’s still working on Blogger after all! »

Windows Live Writer

by philippej (via)
".. [a] blog tool that allows you to blog offline and send it to the server whenever you feel like it (or whenever you get to connect to the internet)."

MySpace France

by philippej & 4 others (via)
Un site pour les amis. Au secours !

What’s new in coComment ?

by philippej & 1 other
"...coCoCrawler has arrived, and will keep an eye on your conversations for you."

The blogger code

by philippej & 2 others
B9 d- t k s- u f- i- o x-- e- l c

RMail Invitation Form

by philippej
"...invite your friends to subscribe to your blog."


by philippej
"... a new personal blogging service." ?

Guide to Ink Blogging

by philippej
"...what do you need to inkblogging"

The Blogosphere Mob

by philippej
"The blogosphere was built on nay-saying the protectionist aspect of the current media. In full circle, the blogosphere has in turn become that protectionist media." Mob, money and power on the web. I like it !

The Ultimate Commenting Experience

by philippej
" men actually submit comments to a site..."

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