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January 2007

What FFMPEG-PHP can do and how to use the most out of it

by smartestbiz & 1 other
You’ve probably heard of ffmpeg-php and it’s wide usability mostly in sites that involve with videos such as YouTube or any other similar site. Here’s a bit of an introduction to it and how to use it.

Dedicated Hosting is the Only Way to Go

by smartestbiz
Why use dedicated hosting? Is it better than virtual hosting? Find out what will suit your needs in this article.

How The Structure And Design Of Your Website Determines What Web Host You Should Use

by smartestbiz
Business websites tend to be more demanding than personal websites. So if you are going to set up a business site, consider what you need.

Why The Availabilty Of Multiple SQL Databases Can Influence Your Choice Of Web Hosts

by smartestbiz
A database is ideal when it is reliable, affordable and steady in customer support. The use of SQL allows the user to opt for a host who has the technical expertise to match your needs. A normal ISP vendor may not be able to tackle large database or storage requirement.

September 2006

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