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XForms processor from formsPlayer

by Xavier Lacot & 2 others
formsPlayer is a full-featured XForms processor that provides a complete implementation of the W3C's XForms specification, made available in today's browsers.


by chenjing
[en] 在线表单制作工具 - A Complete Web Forms And Web Database Solution

Web Forms 2.0

by fredbird & 2 others
This specification defines Web Forms 2.0, an extension to the forms features found in HTML4's Forms chapter and the corresponding DOM2 HTML interfaces. Web Forms 2.0 applies to both HTML and XHTML user agents. It provides new strongly-typed input fields, new attributes for defining constraints, a repeating model for declarative repeating of form sections, new DOM interfaces, new DOM events for validation and dependency tracking, and XML submission and initialization of forms. It also standardises and codifies existing practice in areas that have not been previously documented, and clarifies some of the interactions of HTML form controls and CSS. HTML4, XHTML1.1, and the DOM are thus extended in a manner that has a clear migration path from existing HTML forms, leveraging the knowledge authors have built up with their experience with HTML so far.


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