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December 2013

TFI Sandbox

by sbrothier (via)
Adventures in Storytelling, technology and social change.

X-Men: Days of Future Past | The Bent Bullet

by gregg
Look back at the infamous assassination of President Kennedy by Magneto mutant, Erik Lehnsherr.

Experiments in Interactive Documentary « The Pixel Report

by gregg
Ingrid Kopp, Head of Digital Initiatives at Tribeca Film Institute, looks at what robots, coal miners and mobile phones have taught us along the way in her Conference presentation Experiments in Interactive Design. Find out what they are in the video below…

November 2013

Le Grand Nord (Fort McMoney) - Merlanfrit

by gregg
Une expérience qui ne manque pas d’audace, mais qui à chaud après une soirée de jeu, laisse l’étrange impression de voir un grand film documentaire englué dans un piètre jeu d’aventure.

Killing Kennedy | National Geographic Channel

by gregg
Deeper Dive Into the American Tragedy Oct. 25, 2013 Follow the divergent yet eerily parallel lives of President John F. Kennedy and his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, as they run full-steam-ahead on a collision course with destiny.

Internetdokumentti Korvaava / Web Documentary Audible

by gregg
Un webdoc centré sur le son au sujet des implants cochléaires

Digital religions: MozFest and the "let's make it" paradigm - Interactive Factual

by sbrothier
I think I know now why it took me three years to feel at ease at Mozfest. It is not because I am not a coder, it is because it exemplifies a paradigm shift. The fundamental attitude in an academic conference is “sit and listen”, while the one at MozFest is “move and make”. The first approach to learning is theoretical and  slow pasted – it takes a long time to un-tackle a complex concept with words – the other is quick and practical – prototype lots and a few good ideas will survive. The first is secretive and copyright based (don’t distribute the paper until it is published with your name) and the other is public and copyleft based (write the notes of the session together and them make them available to all through the web).

JFK: The Smoking Gun

by gregg
The Smoking Gun looks at the assassination of John F. Kennedy through the forensic analysis conducted by Colin McLaren, a world renowned homicide detective, who, by using modern technology to examine every piece of ballistic detail and eye-witness testimony – solves the greatest cold case mystery of all time and concludes that all evidence points to a 2nd shooter. Case Solved!

Il était une foret - l'expédition

by gregg
Plongez dans une expédition au coeur des forêts primaires des tropiques. Sur les traces de l'équipe du film "Il était une forêt", partez à la découverte de cet univers incroyable et apprenez à en déceler les codes.

October 2013

City of Refuge

by gregg (via)
This began as a story on Delhi, a city where I lived for a little more than a year working as a journalist, and its nearly invisible refugee population. After I started in March 2013, it slowly transformed into a story about unimaginable journeys, unbelievably difficult lives and the unusual fortitude of remarkable people in a city where 17th century ruins lie displayed at traffic intersections.

The Loaded Project

by gregg
There are nearly three hundred million privately owned firearms in the United States, including one hundred and six million handguns, one hundred and five million rifles, and eighty-three million shotguns. While the gun is often viewed as an equalizer, it is also very much a divider. It polarizes groups on ideological and physical levels. These stories represent an attempt to start a conversation.

Génération Proches, un tour de France journalistique et photographique

by gregg
Ils sont conjoints, frères, sœurs, parents, amis, voisins... et aident jour après jour un proche à vivre sa maladie ou sa perte d'autonomie. Toujours plus nombreux, ces aidants, au-delà de leur rôle, font aussi émerger un nouveau mode de vie. Une génération est en train d'éclore qui, à travers ses comportements solidaires, redessine les piliers de notre société.

A Short History of the Highrise

by gregg
Explore a sneak-preview of 'A Short History of the Highrise' user: highrise pass: nyff51

September 2013

Yann le pêcheur

by gregg
Pêche, avenir & crustacés

Avatar Secrets: An Interactive Documentary for the iPad

by gregg
A groundbreaking POV documentary for the iPad. AVATAR SECRETS chronicles director Ramona Pringle's personal journey across borders and bandwidths in search of love, meaning and community in the 21st century.

Face it

by gregg
Prenez la place d’un médecin, appartenant à Médecins Sans Frontières, au cœur de l’une de ses interventions. Les missions auxquelles vous pouvez prendre part, en Haïti, République Démocratique du Congo ou au Tchad, sont directement inspirées des actions réelles menées par nos équipes dans le monde et des défis auxquels elles font face au quotidien.

My Neck Of The Woods

by gregg
Immerse yourself in the live transmissions of three young people as they walk through their neighbourhoods in Manchester, telling you about their lives and asking you about yours.

Le vin à la robe fendue

by gregg
Un web documentaire sur la passion d'un homme pour sa vigne, son terroir, son vin. Henri Duboscq, vinificateur et poète de Haut Marbuzet, nous invite à voyager sur ses terres de Saint-Estèphe entre exaltation, raffinement et volupté.

Reinvention Stories

by gregg
Welcome to REINVENTION STORIES, an interactive film experience. This is about Dayton Ohio, birthplace of the airplane, cash register and pop top can. We ask the question: How are people in our city of inventors reinventing themselves in these new economic times? REINVENTION STORIES is an experiment in bringing real life documentary stories into the potential of an interactive environment. This includes a short movie. Sit back and watch it if you want, or choose your own path through. You can add your own story. You can answer questions we ask. Or eventually you can see dozens of stories, of people, places and events in our city. Can an evolving web site become a living, breathing chronicle of one city’s struggle and resurgence? Let’s find out.


by gregg
Built in Korsakow by Florian Thalhofer, Money and the Greeks is a very unique interactive documentary, with the content subject to change at any time following public screenings.

The ghost in our machine

by gregg
Liz Marshall’s powerful documentary shows the animals that are “hidden in the shadows of our highly mechanized world.” As part of the documentaries release, an “online companion” was also released by ‘Pine Point’ creators, The Goggles. The online, interactive experience introduces different elements of animal cruelty including the fur trade, the dairy trade, zoos and aquaria and animal testing.

Le Visa d’or France 24-RFI décerné au webdocumentaire "Alma" - VISA POUR L'IMAGE - FRANCE 24

by sbrothier
Le prix Visa d’Or France24-RFI du meilleur webdocumentaire 2013 a été décerné lundi à "Alma, une enfant de la violence", confession poignante d'une ancienne membre de l’un des gangs les plus violents du Guatemala, la "Mara".

August 2013

The Serengeti Lion | National Geographic Magazine

by gregg
Enter the world of the Vumbi pride. The lions strut and grimace, bare their teeth. One drapes a paw indolently, another nuzzles.