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22 January 2010

Canon Professional Network - The state of web documentaries

by HK
Press is dead. Photojournalism is dying. TV is boring. No future? Well, not yet, maybe… Let’s think again and try a few solutions to improve our ways to inform people and communicate...

22 December 2009

Et si les photojournalistes étaient les plus aptes à sur-vivre aux mutations des médias ? (3/5) |

by HK
Ce billet est le troisième– d’une série de 5 – sur l’avenir du photojournalisme. Voir aussi l’introduction (1/5), « Historiquement, les photojournalistes se sont organisés en dehors des rédactions » (2/5), « Quels modèles pour financer et diffuser le photojournalisme ? » (4/5) et la conclusion « Des questions essentielles à résoudre pour cette nouvelle ère du photojournalisme » (5/5).

10 December 2009

09 December 2009

03 December 2009

Interactive narratives: news as a game : Lauren Rae Orsini

by HK
Interactive narratives, or games that tell a news story in a non-linear way, have become increasingly popular since I was a teenager. Journalists see them as an alternative way to tell a story. Instead of having a person simply react to a dull news story about the price of oil, why not have them interact with a game that positions him or her as an oil tycoon? Games provide an exploratory way for audiences to discover the news for themselves.

01 December 2009

Journey to the End of Coal .:. Interactive Documentary

by HK
This humanistic/current affairs documentary is a very successful example of how interaction can be a tool for immersion in a factual story.

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