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Grid System Generator (v0.94) | Create valid css / xhtml grid systems

by ycc2106 & 4 others
The grid system generator will create fixed grid systems in valid css / xhtml for rapid prototyping, development and production environments *. In addition to the css framework, it creates a background file (sample) that you can use in Fireworks, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, Photoshop, Visio (etc.) to aid in prototyping and design.


NETTUTS - Web development tutorials and links - Spoonfed Web Tutorials

by springnet & 3 others
NETTUTS is a blog/tutorial site aimed at web designers. We run tutorials on technologies, skills and techniques to improve how you design and build websites. We cover HTML, CSS, Javascript, CMS’s, Simpler Development Examples in PHP and Ruby on Rails, a

jQuery Flash Plugin

by nhoizey & 10 others
Inspired by tools like SWFObject, UFO and sIFR, but written line-by-line for jQuery — no other scripts required. Less redundancy (jQuery and sIFR both find elements by css selectors and do browser detection, sIFR and SWFObject both do Flash detection) m

RDFaiser votre blog, 2ème partie : la pratique | Les petites cases

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
Dans le précédent billet, j'ai expliqué en quoi RDFa permettait de décrire la structure du message contenu dans une page Web et comment on pourrait facilement générer du RDFa à partir des données structurées dans la base de données de votre CMS. Je vous propose maintenant de passer de la théorie à la pratique.

ARIA: Accessible Rich Internet Applications - MDC

by nhoizey & 1 other
ARIA, formerly known as DHTML accessibility, is a standard being developed at W3C - World Wide Web Consortium

widgeditor - Google Code

by gregR
widgEditor is a browser-based JavaScript WYSIWYG editor for HTML content. It is designed to be simple to use, have a small code footprint, and produce valid, semantic code.

Something Witty Goes Here » Blog Archive » New XHTML SVG Theme

by parmentierf
had to add a little catch in my PHP content negotiation code to force application/xhtml xml when I want to. Anyway, the PHP content negotiation code looks like this:

HTML 5, un grand pas...

by parmentierf & 3 others
La publication par le W3C de la première version de travail de la spécification HTML 5 marque la reprise de travaux interrompus depuis HTML 4.01 publié en décembre 1999. Elle représente donc un grand pas, mais dans quelle direction?


HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles | HTML Dog

by parmentierf & 7 others (via)
the web designer's resource for everything HTML and CSS, the most common technologies used in making web pages.

westciv :: XRAY web developer's suite

by gregR & 15 others
XRAY let's you see the box model for any element on a page in action - where is the top and left of an element, how big is each margin, how big is the padding, how wide and high is the content box?

Feuille de style initiale proposée par le W3C

by sdaclin
Par défaut un navigateur web est sensé utiliser ces styles.

ASCIIMathML: Math on the web for everyone

by gregR & 1 other
produce good-looking math formulas on webpages using a simple calculator-style syntax and your own ASCII or HTML editor? Ascii -> mathML

by ironman & 1 other
webdesign e multimedia design: websites, cdrom, dvd, video

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